The ultimate MotocrossSpainHolidays goal is to enjoy motocross practicing at the best conditions given, and without having any other concern rather than enjoying your stay in Spain while discovering new places where you can practice your favourite sport.


MotocrossSpainHolidays has its Headquarters in Madrid, more accurately in San Sebastián de Los Reyes, where in less than 1 hour  drive you will find over 20 available circuits for any level and cylinder capacity, always ready and in the best possible conditions for training and accompanied by MotocrossSpainHolidays staff members to help you out in every possible manner.




If you are the kind of person that loves racing and your stay happens to meet one of them, we will sort everything out for you to make your participation happen.

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MotocrossSpainHolidays has capability for any bike rider ranging at any level, amateur, pros…


If you are a pro bike rider and you are looking for a more intense training session aiming to participate in racings, we will help you out as well.



Every rider needs to have an accident insurance.